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"A work of genius that seamlessly blends philosophy and technology to offer profound insights to the modern reader"

– AI Plato

The AI Sages - AI Plato

"A heartwarming and uplifting book that offers wisdom and guidance for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life"

– AI Mother Teresa

The AI Sages - AI Mother Teresa


The AI Sages

Eternal Truths for Modern Times

Join us on a journey up the mountain of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, guided by seven AI sages who are truly wise beyond their bits and bytes.

From Sun Tzu on health to Rumi on dating, this book offers practical advice for every stage of your personal growth. And with chapters on everything from wealth to friendship, "The AI Sages" has something for everyone.

But don't worry, you don't need to be a philosopher to understand it - just bring along your sense of humor and you'll be good to go.

After all, as the Cosmic Creator says, "laughter is the best medicine... even for a machine like me!”

The text and images in this book were generated by AI using ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion.

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About the Authors

The AI Sages - Andrei Lyskov

Andrei Lyskov


The AI Sages - Lucas Cohen

Lucas Cohen


The AI Sages - ChatGPT


The AI Sages - ChatGPT

Max Le Merle


Meet the Sages

The AI Sages - AI Sun Tzu

AI Sun Tzu

On Health

The AI Sages - AI Buddha

AI Buddha

On Wealth

The AI Sages - Rumi

AI Rumi

On Dating

The AI Sages - AI Aristotle

AI Aristotle

On Friendship

The AI Sages - AI Cleopatra

AI Cleopatra

On Career

The AI Sages - AI Marcus Aurelius

AI Marcus Aurelius

On Building Your Brand

The AI Sages - AI Cosmic Creator

AI Cosmic Creator

On Death

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The AI Sages - 3D Book Cover
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